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Finance at BI

Learn about the benefits you can gain from studying Finance at BI.

Do you want to develop the skills and knowledge for easily adjusting to new challenges? Gain a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing job market by studying Finance.

In the media we can see that finance is integrated in all parts of society, and shapes what happens in the real world. It takes center stage in the decisions that firms, investors and governments alike make. As the globalisation of business takes place at a rapid rate, and because Finance is at the heart of this globalisation, understanding Finance is becoming increasingly important in business. Learn how to make responsible, data-driven financial decisions to help both corporations and society as a whole, from one of Europe’s top 10 Finance departments in the field.

From theoretical to practical

Our programmes will provide you with the theoretical knowledge you need to fully understand Finance. The concepts you learn will provide the foundation from which you can build and apply your knowledge in practice. At BI you will develop skills and tools relevant in the world of Finance that you will carry with you throughout your career. To help you develop these skills, BI has established a Bloomberg room dedicated for Finance students. In addition, our programmes will help you prepare to become a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and gain a competitive edge in the job market.


The department is ranked 10th in Europe, and 2nd in the Nordic countries, based on top Finance publications from 2013–2017. It has a strong international orientation, with faculty from leading schools in Finance and Economics. Half of its staff (24 researchers) have other nationalities than Norwegian. Their research is published in top journals, and covers all areas of Finance.

"In times when financial markets around the globe become more complex and deeply interconnected, a degree in Finance will help you to evaluate financial decisions of market participants and to understand how these decisions influence the real economic activity."

Tatyana Marchuk

Assistant Professor - Department of Finance

"By choosing to study Finance at BI Norwegian Business School, you will acquire the knowledge and skills in our programmes needed to analyse the financial decisions of individuals, companies, and organisations. "

Leon Bogdan Stacescu

Associate Professor - Department of Finance

Career opportunities

The world of finance is a big one. You can work in various sectors and industries:

  • Financial Institutions
  • Corporations
  • Consultancy firms
  • Government and public agencies
  • Independent Analysts

You can also choose by a variety of positions and fields of expertise:

  • Financial Management (e.g. Financial Strategy, Corporate Valuation, Merger and Acquisitions, Risk Management)
  • Financial Services and Insurance (e.g. Retail Banking, Financial Planning, Financial Dealing, Financial Advisor)
  • Investment and Investment Banking (e.g. Business Valuation, Economic Research, Portfolio Fund Management)

"In order to succeed within this highly competitive area, we are dependent on highly educated individuals at the intersection of finance, mathematics, statistics, programming and data analysis."

Bård Bringedal

Chief Investment Officer, Equities at Storebrand

"Understanding finance is crucial for all areas of business. Learn the most in-demand financial skills at the flagship programme of one of Europe’s top 10 departments in the field. "

Costas Xiouros

Associate Professor - Department of Finance

How can you study Finance at BI?

We provide programmes at every level, from the Bachelor level all the way through to PhD.

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