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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Do you want the possibility to work within finance, shipping or marketing? With this flexible and broad degree in English you can choose from many different career paths.

What will you learn?

In this three-year programme, you learn about management principles and practices, market influences, operations, finance, communication, and more. Because of this broad knowledge, you can analyse complex business problems from different perspectives, and easily cross different boundaries that may exist within and between organisations.

Some of the topics you will learn about:

  • Operations. Learn how businesses optimise their practices.
  • Finance. Understand how businesses are financed, and how to judge the profitability of investments.
  • Accounting. This skill set gives you the ability to systematically understand the financial activity of a business.
  • Marketing. You will be introduced to the basic concepts of marketing, learning how companies attract and keep their customers

Popular courses covered in this programme:

Illustration of a handshake between two people
Illustration of a handshake between two people

Get an insight into how forward-thinking, sustainable businesses approach ethical decision making and learn how to communicate more effectively in the multi-cultural business world in which you will operate.

A judges hammer
A judges hammer

Learn about different legal systems, legal terminology, and the body of law that governs business and commercial transactions.

Illustration of financial data
Illustration of financial data

Get the essential basic knowledge and skills in finance, so you can carry out simple analyses within the field, make correct decisions and communicate the results of the analyses in a comprehensible manner.

Economic news headlines
Economic news headlines

Acquire the tools, concepts, and models to understand real-world problems and opportunities facing businesses and society. Study how choices are made and how these choices affect markets and the allocation of scarce resources in the economy.

BBA Specialisations

During the third year of the programme, you will have courses from a specialisation of your choosing. These courses are important within business administration. A specialisation will give you a broader competence that will be needed in the job-market. The specialisation will also be registered on your diploma when you graduate. 

The courses you can specialise in: 

Why choose this programme?

Engaging learning experiences and quality teaching are something we strive to provide, to help you build a solid skill and competency base, making you relevant for the future of work. In the video below, you will get the perspectives of our students, faculty, and the industry to understand the reasons for choosing to study BBA at BI.

Why choose BBA?

Career possibilities 

With a Bachelor in business administration you have a broad, flexible and attractive degree that opens up to many different career opportunities. You can work within consultancy, marketing, shipping or finance. 

Your degree could lead to an international career in: 

  • Consultancy. Use your expertise to help businesses optimize their activities.
  • Marketing and sales. Find the best ways to sell your company’s products or services.
  • Shipping. By its very nature a global business, shipping companies are always looking for candidates with an international perspective.
  • Finance. Steer investments and ensure profitability.
  • Management. The skills you gain from this degree are an excellent fit for someone with leadership ambitions.
Sondre Gustafson Advisor Digiflow Playing for the top league in IT
Adam Duong Deputy Director Oslo Runway Life behind the runway

Customise your degree

As a student at BI, you have several exciting opportunities that can contribute to a varied and interesting student life, at the same time as you build relevant competence.  


If you are considering studying business and want a solid foundation for further master's studies or exciting job opportunities, then BBA is for you. In the first two years, you will acquire competence and skills within key areas of business subjects, ranging from Marketing to Finance, Management, and Accounting.  Once you have experienced and completed different courses and found your field of interest, you will be able to build and adapt your degree based on this, by choosing a specialisation. After year one, students who are fluent in Norwegian (must show documentation of achieved language requirements), will also have the opportunity to apply to our Bachelor i økonomi og administrasjon without taking any extra courses.


Get relevant work and networking experience as part of the study. BI offers internships as an elective course. You choose your own company and get the opportunity to test subjects and industry based on interests, competence and personal qualities. 


You do not have to postpone your studies to satisfy your dream to travel - take parts of your education abroad! If you want to work abroad or in an international company after your studies, this might be particularly relevant to you.

Elective courses

We offer a number of elective courses, so that you can adapt your studies to your own wishes and interests. In this way, you can build up competence and get a professional combination that makes you attractive and unique. 

What can you study afterwards?

After completing this programme, you have a range of options to continue your education at BI. These are the master programmes you will academically qualify directly to if you fulfil the requirements:

You can also qualify for other master programmes BI offers by taking specific electives. Contact info@bi.no for more information. BI reserves the right to change the admission requirements for our master programmes, which may vary from year to year. 


Programme Structure

The academic year at BI is divided into two semesters, one in the autumn and one in spring. There are exams at the end of each semester. This programme structure provides an overview of which courses you will be taking and when you will be taking them. The programme structure is updated annually in June and reflects the upcoming academic year for new students. The content may be subject to change.

3. Year

  • 60 credits (ECTS)


  • Specialisation

    30 ECTS


  • Specialisation

    15 ECTS


During the third year of the programme, you will take courses from a specialisation of your choosing. Select the specialisation to see which courses they contain.

Practical information

BI offers rolling admissions but operates with priority application deadlines. You must apply within the priority application deadline to ensure your application is considered.

  • For undergraduate studies, we have a priority application deadline of April 15th for Norwegian applicants and March 1st for international applicants. However, we still accept applications after that date based on availability.