Master of Science

Sustainable Finance

Gain a solid foundation in finance and sustainability to meet the growing need for candidates with this unique perspective and interdisciplinary competence.


By studying sustainable finance you will be able to meet the increasing need for expertise in both finance and sustainability. You will combine a broad understanding of the challenges related to global sustainable development, climate change, and corporate environmental and social responsibility issues. In combination with strong general management and an extensive knowledge of the theories, concepts, and tools of finance you will be provided with the required education for a career in finance and consulting, but also with a strong basis for management positions in a broad range of industries.

The financial industry, as well as the corporate sector and consulting firms are looking for candidates with the necessary expertise in both finance and sustainability to respond to societal demand, and to be able to offer the required services and management skills to incorporate sustainability issues in business finance. BI's Department of Finance is ranked in the top ten in Europe, giving you a solid foundation as a starting point and an education that is recognised internationally.

Popular courses covered in this programme

Corporate Finance  image

Corporate Finance

Get insight into more advanced topics in corporate finance, which is necessary for financial managers, financial analysts, and consultants.

Environment and Sustainable Development  image

Environment and Sustainable Development

Learn the techniques that can be used to evaluate the causal impact of environmental and development policies.

Ethics and Sustainability in Finance image

Ethics and Sustainability in Finance

Understand the sustainability issues and ethical challenges facing today’s financial industry.

International Finance image

International Finance

Understand the foreign exchange markets and their role for the economy. This course is relevant for decision making by investors in the international arena, policymakers, and multinational firms.

Master of Science in Sustainable Finance


Sustainable finance is an area of competency that is still very new and will increase in importance in the coming years. There is high demand from all sectors of the economy for managerial talent with both strong management and financial skills, and a deep understanding of sustainability and social responsibility issues. A broad range of career opportunities will be open to you, both in Norway and internationally.

Graduates will qualify for a range of positions in different areas across:

  • The finance, banking, and insurance industries
  • Consulting
  • The shipping industry
  • Large organisations where finance and sustainability and the circular economy are considered important and relevant
  • As analysts, roles in portfolio management, asset management, and risk assessment


As a master student at BI, you have several exciting opportunities that will contribute to a varied and interesting student life, at the same time as you build relevant competence and gain an advantage in the job market by tailoring your degree.

Programme Structure

The academic year at BI is divided into two semester, one in the autumn and one in spring. There are exams at the end of each semester. This programme structure provides an overview of which courses you will be taking and when you will be taking them.

1. Year

  • 60 credits (ECTS)

2. Year

  • 60 credits (ECTS)


  • Exchange (18-24 ECTS)

    - ECTS

  • Specialisation elective or Internship

    6 ECTS


  • Value Creation, Sustainability and Social Welfare

    6 ECTS

Please be aware that the study plan and courses can be subject to change.

Practical information

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The Master of Science in Sustainable Finance is a new programme in development to begin in August of 2021. Details and descriptions are subject to change.