Master of Science in Business

Major in Finance

Customise your Master of Science in Business degree by choosing a major in Finance.

What will you learn?

Finance is ultimately about making optimal and strategic decisions in an uncertain environment, which applies to all areas of business. A modern manager requires insight into the drivers of the financial situation of an enterprise, which is intimately connected with its success. This major combination will provide you not only with the required education for management positions in a broad range of industries, but also a strong basis for a career within finance and consulting.

Popular courses covered in this programme

Investments image


Gain insight into the international dimension of the investment process and sustainable short-term and long-term investment strategies.

Ethics and Sustainability in Organisations   image

Ethics and Sustainability in Organisations

Get the knowledge and skills necessary to take an active, professional part in the economic and environmental challenges of today, including climate change, poverty and employment issues.

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Learn how to use mathematical models, theories, and methods to solve economic and financial problems.

Financial Strategy in a Global Economy image

Financial Strategy in a Global Economy

Gain insight into financial decision-making in multinational firms from a managerial perspective, but approached by using theories within economics and finance.

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Student perspective

MSc in Business with a major in Finance and Class of 2017 student, Maria Rana, explains from her own perspective what students will learn in the major. Furthermore, Maria highlights how the degree will enable future graduates to be successful in the job market.

Student perspective

Faculty perspective

Associate Professor of Finance and Coordinator for the major in Finance, Costas Xiouros, highlights the different aspects of Finance that students are introduced to in the MSc in Business with a major in Finance programme. Furthermore, Professor Xiouros explains the ways the material can be used in a career afterwards. 

Faculty perspective

Industry perspective

BI alumnus and current Senior Manager at Monitor Deloitte, Kathrine Lærke Søndergaard, explains how her major in Finance at BI has enabled her to excel in her career. Furthermore, she highlights the reason why Deloitte needs people with a background in Finance.


Industry perspective

Programme Structure

The academic year at BI is divided into two semester, one in the autumn and one in spring. There are exams at the end of each semester. This programme structure provides an overview of which courses you will be taking and when you will be taking them.

1. Year

  • 60 credits (ECTS)

2. Year

  • 60 credits (ECTS)



  • Major electives

    6 ECTS

Please be aware that the study plan and courses can be subject to change.