Bachelor of Business Administration

International Business

This specialisation provides you with the opportunity to study abroad on exchange, complete an internship, or choose individual electives.

Why Choose International Business?

International Business (IB) matters are among the top two or three issues on a CEOs' strategic agenda as they consider the international environment critical to their firm’s future success. IB is about companies engaging in cross-border economic activities such as trade, and it plays a crucial role in the economy as one of the best anti-poverty, pro-growth and pro-development tools in history. However, we must recognise the existent problems in the global economy, which require a real response and leadership.

Norway is an exemplar global citizen, where leadership joins generosity and a true commitment to globalisation. Leadership - being a founding member of the World Trade Organisation and an influential player in the international community. Generosity - having donated many billions, Norway is one of the largest contributors in helping least-developed countries tackle their trading infrastructure constraints by building the skills and capacity necessary to trade.

BI prides itself in having world-class faculty, close links to the international business community, and a participatory teaching style. The International Business specialisation combines these characteristics with a tailored programme of electives you can handpick, an internship at a leading institution, or an exciting exchange experience.

  • Exchange – Experience other cultures, build an international network, and improve your communication skills as you gain an international perspective of one of the seven continents you choose to explore. Read more about exchange opportunities.
  • Tailored subject choice – The combination of compulsory core subjects with a broad choice of electives reflects the multidisciplinary nature of international business and the diversity of career paths you can pursue after this programme.
  • Internship – An opportunity to develop skills and experience in a new industry or functional role. Internships can help you clarify your career interests, evaluate a prospective employer and secure a full-time job offer. Read more about internship opportunities.

What will you learn?

Our BBA programme is a rigorous and broad-based three-year programme that will help you gain a global perspective, together with critical and analytical skills. The IB specialisation enables you to effectively apply core models and concepts in analysis and discussions on problems that arise for companies operating in an international environment. You will develop an appreciation of the special requirements for successfully conducting business across national boundaries along with knowledge of relevant theories and their practical application to business cases. You will be engaged in team-based projects, presentations, simulations, and integrative case studies that ensure you will be ready to meet the demands of today’s complex and dynamic business world.

You will also:

  • Learn how to conduct and present a real life case-analysis like a management consultant.
  • Develop skills in managing a diverse workforce as well as negotiating across cultures.
  • Practice and receive feedback on how to communicate effectively in a boardroom.
  • Gain knowledge about the management of finance and risk for a company operating internationally, and the emerging opportunities.
  • Reflect on the meaning of culture and its impact on people's expectations and perceptions of management.
  • Understand what constitutes globalisation, what drives it, what benefits it brings, the challenges it poses and what role trade plays in this world of ever-growing inter-dependency.
  • Have the opportunity to choose from over 12 elective courses ranging from Finance, to Entrepreneurship, to Persuasion and Dialogue for Leaders, to Branding.

Programme Structure

  • Core courses Courses common across all programmes at BI.
  • Programme courses Courses specific to this programme.
  • Electives Courses you can choose yourself.