Master of Management programme

Analytics and AI for Strategic Management

This master course aims to create professionals who can bridge the gap between decision-makers and data scientists.

What you will learn

Business digitalization is changing the content and process of strategic analysis. While classical “big picture” analysis skills remain relevant, more executives now need to understand advanced forms of data analytics to articulate and evaluate strategies. 

While data science and analytics professionals typically come from either computer science or statistics, and have years of technical training, strategic decision-makers are typically trained and experienced in business management. As strategy-making grows increasingly dependent on analytics, organizational capacity to bridge the distance between decision-makers and data scientists becomes essential. 

Analytics and AI for Strategic Management aims to create professionals who can bridge this gap, and become sophisticated data consumers. Through lectures, workshops and real-world cases, you will learn analytics’ foundational concepts and how to apply those to strategic management. 

"This course is aimed at managers who want to become sophisticated consumers of analytics. The idea is to learn just enough analytics that you know what to ask for and where the pressure points are. The participants will learn from cases, discussions, live examples and assignments."

Espen Andersen

Associate Professor, Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Admission requirements

  • You are at least 25 years old
  • You have completed a bachelor's degree
  • You have 4 years of full-time work experience (3 years if you already have a master's degree)

Students without a completed bachelor's degree can, in some cases, be admitted based on prior learning and work experience. 

Take the course or build a degree

This course can be integrated in an Executive Master of Management

The course awards 30 credits, and a master's degree consists of 90 credits. Should you choose to take more master's level courses later, you can accumulate a complete master's degree. The combination of courses is up to you, based on your learning goals and career plans.  

Modules and course content

This course consists of five modules of three to four days each, over the course of two semesters. All modules takes place on campus in Nydalen, Oslo.  

The syllabus is made available as soon as you have been admitted to the course.   

Exams consists of a term paper and a three hour written exam. The term paper counts for 60% of the total grade, and can be solved individually or in groups of three students. The written exam counts for 40% of the total grade. 



John Chandler Johnson
John Chandler Johnson

John Chandler Johnson holds a PhD in sociology from Stanford University and has extensive international market research and operations consulting experience.

His research formalizes microsociological theories of endogenous social network evolution.

Espen Andersen
Espen Andersen

Espen Andersen is the Director of BI Center for Digitization. He has consulted on technology and strategy issues for a wide range of organisations in the United States and Europe, and is a frequent speaker on technology and strategic management topics.

Time and effort required

All our courses are designed to be combined with a job and a personal life. Still - you'll need to dedicate some time. 

You'll spend a total of 17 workdays on modules, plus an additional day for the written exam.

Additionally, you'll need to make time for reading the course material and writing the term paper.

How much time this takes varies widely from student to student, and you can adjust this to fit your other commitments. 


This course is eligible for support from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund. Tuition fees are charged in two installments. The first tuition fee is normally charged 1 October, and the second is charged 1 December. 


Want to know more?

We regularly host informational webinars that you can join. There you will meet a guidance counsellor and have the opportunity to ask questions.


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