Master of Science in Business

Major in Accounting and Business Control

Customise your Master of Science in Business degree by choosing a major in Accounting and Business Control.

What will you learn?

The increasing complexity of business environments makes it especially challenging for managers and employees to create sustainable value. The major in Accounting and Business Control provides the required technical skills, theoretical knowledge, and deep understanding of various types of topics related to business, to successfully contribute to sustainable value creation in organisations. 

You will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a career as a CFO, controller, treasurer, or corporate manager. These professionals need to be proficient in accounting, financial control, strategy, treasury, and forecasting. To understand what is required to establish a career as a controller, you will acquire knowledge in reporting, analysis, and the presentation of historical information of companies. In order to work in treasury, you will learn about capital structures, financial risk, liquidity, and investment analysis. Finally, to be proficient in strategy and forecasting, you will develop knowledge and skills in strategic business analysis, modelling, scenario analysis, and valuation. 

Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

This major closely follows the syllabus of the internationally recognised finance qualification CIMA. Upon graduation, you can continue towards CIMA accreditation. Two of the pillars at CIMA’s Strategic Level are automatically recognised by CIMA after completion of the major in Accounting and Business Control. BI is the only school in the Nordic countries that offers this valuable option.

Popular courses covered in this programme

Strategic Risk Analysis  image

Strategic Risk Analysis 

Develop the competencies required to analyse, evaluate, manage, and respond to risk.

Financial Accounting and Taxation image

Financial Accounting and Taxation

Learn about the regulatory environment for financial reporting, preparation of financial statements, management working capital, as well as fundamentals of business taxation.

Management Control  image

Management Control

Develop the skills to interpret financial information for higher level managerial decision making. Understand how incorporating technology can improve both analytical insight and reporting practices.

Business Analysis and Valuation image

Business Analysis and Valuation

Learn how to evaluate the financing requirements of firms, and the advantages and disadvantages of alternative sources of financing to meet those requirements. Also, develop the competencies required to value possible investment opportunities.

Faculty perspective

Associate Professor and Coordinator for the major in Accounting and Business Control, Ignacio Garcia de Olalla Lopez, explains how the unique set-up of the major enables students to become more valuable assets for companies. Ignacio highlights this by giving real-life examples that companies face every day.  

Faculty perspective

Industry perspective

BI alumnus and current BDO Auditor, Julie Holter-Sørensen, talks about the ways her education at BI has enabled her to be a more successful and efficient employee in today's competitive work environment.    

Industry perspective

Student perspective

Stian Holte, Master of Science class of 2017, explains what makes the major unique, and how the degree has prepared him for a successful future in the industry (video in Norwegian).

Student perspective

Programme Structure

The academic year at BI is divided into two semester, one in the autumn and one in spring. There are exams at the end of each semester. This programme structure provides an overview of which courses you will be taking and when you will be taking them.

Please be aware that the study plan and courses can be subject to change.