Master of Science in Business

Major in Strategy

Customise your Master of Science in Business degree by choosing a major in Strategy.

What will you learn?

The strategic insight you will acquire through this major will enable you to understand industry and market conditions, learn about appropriate strategic decisions, and learn how to implement these decisions in a firm. You will learn the analytical skills needed to make complex business decisions, and how to maintain an action-oriented perspective of firms' strategic processes. Additionally, you will gain the contextual understanding necessary to become a strategist in a rapidly evolving and increasingly global business environment.

Popular courses covered in this programme

Corporate and Global Strategies image

Corporate and Global Strategies

Get familiar with strategic issues that corporate headquarters face with respect to achieving sustainable competitive advantage in an increasingly global competition arena.

Strategies for Industrial Competitiveness  image

Strategies for Industrial Competitiveness

Learn what the ultimate determinants are for the productivity and innovation capacity of nations, regions and industries.

Interorganisational Strategies   image

Interorganisational Strategies

Interorganisational relations are various types of alliances, acquisitions and networks. Learn how and when they can be useful.

Data Analytics with Programming  image

Data Analytics with Programming

Learn the most important techniques in business-related data analytics, through hands-on experience with programming, working with data, and using models to turn data into actionable knowledge.

Isak Brevik Category Manager Mars Norway The analytical insight in the world of consumer goods
Anniken Salvesen Trainee Sporveien Set up for the perfect match

Student perspective

MSc in Business with a major in Strategy Class of 2017 student, Rodica Burlacu, gives insight into her thought process when she chose her graduate programme at BI. Rodica then continues by talking about the ways the major has enabled her to have a vast range of industries to choose from for establishing her career.

Student perspective

Faculty Perspective

Associate Professor and Coordinator for the major in Strategy, Erik Aadland, explains in this video how the major helps students to gain competitive knowledge that will help them stand out in the marketplace of the future. 

Faculty perspective

Industry Perspective

Jørgen Hansen Juvik, Management Consultant at EY and BI alumnus, elaborates on three main benefits he sees from taking an MSc in Business with a major in Strategy. Furthermore, he gives practical examples of how the degree has given him the chance to excel in his career. 

Industry Perspective

Programme Structure

The academic year at BI is divided into two semester, one in the autumn and one in spring. There are exams at the end of each semester. This programme structure provides an overview of which courses you will be taking and when you will be taking them.

Please be aware that the study plan and courses can be subject to change.