PhD Regulations

Regulations for the Doctor of Philosophy degree (PhD) at BI Norwegian Business School.

Supplementary Provisions related to Doctoral Dissertations

Different cohorts have different Supplementary Provisions. Candidates admitted between 01.01.2011 and 31.12.2015 can choose between the old and the new Supplementary Provisions. However, it is not possible to mix and match the two provisions. For candidates admitted after 1. January 2016, only the new Supplementary Provisions apply. For candidates admitted before 01.01.2011 the Supplementary Provisions are Guidelines.

Candidates admitted between 1.01. 2011-31.12.2015:

These candidates can also choose the new provisions below.

Candidates admitted after 1. January 2016:

Candidates admitted before 01.01.2011

The Supplementary Provisions are Guidelines.