PhD Regulations

Regulations for the Doctor of Philosophy degree (PhD) at BI Norwegian Business School.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees at BI Norwegian Business School on 11 June 2015 in pursuance of Act of 1 April 2005 no. 15 relating to Universities and University Colleges, Sections 3-3, 3-7, 3-9, 4-13.

Chapter 1. General provisions

Section 1-1 Applicability

These regulations apply to the doctoral education leading to the Doctor of Philosophy degree (PhD) at BI Norwegian Business School. The regulations provide rules on admission to, participation in and completion of the doctoral education at BI Norwegian Business School.

In regard to certain provisions governing matters relating to the PhD degree, reference is made to Act relating to Universities and University Colleges, as well as relevant provisions in the Academic Regulations of BI Norwegian Business School.

Section 1-2 Objective, scope and content of the PhD education

The objective of the PhD education is to qualify candidates to conduct research of international quality and to perform other types of work requiring a high level of scientific insight and analytical thinking in accordance with sound scientific practice and established standards on research ethics.

The PhD education is to provide the candidate with knowledge, skills and expertise in keeping with the national qualifications framework.

The PhD education is standardized to three years of full-time study, and includes required coursework comprising a minimum of 60 credits. In addition, it includes one year of work obligation. The admission is for a period of four years.

The most important component of the doctoral education is an independent research project or a combined research and development project carried out under active academic supervision.

The PhD degree is conferred on the basis of:

  1. an approved doctoral thesis
  2. an approved completion of the required coursework
  3. an approved pre-doctoral defence
  4. an approved trial lecture on an assigned topic
  5. an approved public defence of the doctoral thesis (disputation)

Section 1-3 Responsibility for the PhD education

The overall responsibility for the doctoral education lies with the board of BI Norwegian Business School. The Senate is responsible for the doctoral education as a whole. The Senate determines the structure of the programme.

On the basis of delegated authority, the Dean is responsible for the coordination and approval of teaching and supervision. See also the description of roles and responsibility for the Dean.

Section 1-4 Quality assurance

The PhD education is included in the quality assurance system of BI Norwegian Business School. A minimum of 50 per cent of the academic staff on the doctoral programme must be full professors and the rest must be associate professors or equivalent.