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BI's researchers contribute with research at the top international level. This contributes to new knowledge that provides better decisions, smarter ways of doing things, as well as new products and services.


BI's scientific publications are registered in the national database Cristin (Current Research Information System In Norway).

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Endowed professorships

Holders of endowed professorships conduct free and independent research, and are free to express their professional opinion on any subject.

Research Projects

Externally financed research project and large studies at BI.

BI Business Review

Research news and insight from BI. In our digital magazine, you can read exciting articles about current topics.

Honorary doctorates

Honorary doctorate degrees can be given as recognition of vital life work, even though it is not within a doctoral degree. BI Norwegian Business School has 15 honorary doctorates.



Upcoming activities

All events at BI Norwegian Business School will be arranged in accordance with the appropriate infection control regulations established by the authorities.

Researcher profiles

Sut I Wong

Sut I Wong's research focuses on both macro and micro foundations of labor-relations. Some of her research examine the relationality between leaders and followers influence individual and organizational outcomes.

Jon H. Fiva

Jon H Fiva is particularly interested in how electoral institutions shape political outcomes, and how political representation impacts policy. His recent research focused on what determines the career progression of an individual politician.