The Norges Bank Watch 2014 Report is released. Here you can download the report.

KNOWLEDGE @ BI: Norges Bank Watch 2014

Centre for Monetary Economics at the BI Norwegian Business School has for the 15th time invited a committee of leading economists for Norges Bank Watch with the objective of evaluating monetary policy in Norway.

 The Norges Bank Watch 2014 Report was released on February 25, 2014.

Download Report:

Norges Bank Watch 2014 (pdf)

This year the committee consists of Chief Economist Knut Anton Mork at Handelsbanken, Professor Xavier Freixas at Universitat Pompeu Fabra I Barcelona and Senior Economist Kyrre Aamdal at DNB Markets.

The Ministry of Finance partly funds the Norges Bank Watch reports, which contain information and analyses for the Ministry’s evaluation of monetary policy that is presented each year in a White Paper to Parliament.

The Norges Bank Watch Reports are publised by Centre for Monetary Economics at BI Norwegian Business School.


Mork, Knut Anton, Xavier Freixas Dargallo and Kyrre Aamdal: Norges Bank Watch 2014. Research report.  Center for Monetary Economics at BI Norwegian Business School.


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