The Trump campaign makes me worried

Peggy Simcic Brønn

The Trump campaign is based on lies. Trump's campaign manager has shown a mentality that makes me very worried, says professor and US citizen Peggy Brønn.

Peggy Brønn is a US citizen and professor in BI Norwegian Business School's Department of Communication and Culture. She has been closely following the presidential campaign in the United States. What is her impression of the campaign that has been going on and what will happen if Trump wins the election?

There was a comment from his campaign manager that makes me very very worried.Because basically what she said is that the ends justify the means. And what she meant by that is that it is OK to lie as long as their candidate is successful.I think this is the kind of mentality that is driving this campaign, and this is what is scaring the life out of people.

One of the big challenges, and one of the big issues coming out of this campaign is the use of rhetoric. What it is showing is that most people cannot tell the difference between a logical argument, and something that is totally illogical, and based on lies.

The use of rhetoric by the Trump campaign is just mind boggling to the level that people are believing it. Even when they are confronted with facts, and the fact that their candidate is lying, they still choose to not believe the facts. This is a huge issue for the media, because you can see that they don't know how to deal with the candidates surrogates when they are being interviewed. Because their strategy is to deflect every single question that they get, and immediately start attacking Hillary Clinton when they have been asked something entirely different. 

This is absolutely the worst environment to hold a political debate.

Published 7. November 2016

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