Matilda Dorotic about loyalty programs

After many years with loyalty programs is it still a promise or is it a fallacy, asks Matilda Dorotic at Norsk Kundebarometer?

Loyalty programs started for many years ago with airline frequent flying programs, but very soon it expanded to all kinds of companies such as grocery stores, fitness centers, Nespresso, museums, Tesla and online gaming companies.

Change of channel
Loyalty programs as they were orginally is not dead, but they have changed the channel. Rather than using plastic cards they are now on digital channels like different social media activities.

The big question
Marketers continue to pour more and more time and money into their loyalty programs, but are they getting the kind of payoffs they expect in long-term relationships, customer engagement and impact on sales and profitability? Or are they wasting their entire loyalty investments?

In her presentation Matilda Dorotic will tell us how to deal with this question.

Loyalty programs

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