Big Data and Social Media for Managers

Matilda Dorotic

How to analyze the true impact of Big Data and Social Media on Profitability? Associate Professor Matilda Dorotic will separate the unproved buzz from the actual potential to provide leaders with tools to understand the difference.

Leaders Toolbox: Matilda Dorotic

Discussions of merits and opportunities of social media and big data usage overwhelm managers today. Both, the popular press and academic work buzz with encouragements for managers to plunge into those opportunities. However little evidence has been provided to managers to allow them to evaluate the true potential and see through the buzz.

  • How to evaluate the true potential of social media contribution to your business?
  • What are the true requirements for successful Internet of things and other big-data investments?
  • What are the pitfalls to be cautious about when evaluating the true impact of those investments?

To measure the true impact of social media investments firms need to:

  • Understand who posts messages to your social media account
  • Know customer motives
  • Follow multiple channels
  • Understand whole customer journey
  • Integrate different customer metrics
  • Understand their interactions

Leader's Toolbox (Lederens verkt√łykasse) is a series of seminars at BI Norwegian Business School held every last Friday of the month.

Leader's Toolbox: Big data

Published 30. November 2017

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