How can we leverage our own and our employees’ mindsets when leading digital changes?

Digital information and communication technologies are fundamentally changing the nature and context of work. Many organizations are actively working to introduce and use new technologies in a strategic and prioritized way aiming to facilitate efficiencies in the workplace, increase effectiveness, and drive innovation and competitive advantage.

However, realizing these benefits is highly dependent on employees’ acceptance of digital changes and adoption of new technologies. This presents a real challenge for the managers leading technological changes.

Fundamental beliefs – or "mindsets" –  held by employees could override information about technological benefits and features and influence their acceptance of new digital solutions and the ways in which they use them.

At this seminar, Associate Professor Elizabeth Solberg, Associate Professor Laura E. Mercer Traavik and Professor Sut I Wong (in alphabetical order) will discuss research on different mindsets and how we may leverage our own and our employees’ mindsets when leading digital changes. Please see video from the seminar below.

Leaders toolbox (Lederens verktøykasse) is a series of seminars at BI Norwegian Business School. 

Leader's ToolBox

Published 4. May 2018

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