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Why occupation could trump sex

We already know that where any group has been precluded from entering a profession and the door is opened, albeit slowly, reluctantly, and very little, those who ‘make it’ tend to be well above average in the qualities that are valued.

- Adrian Furnham

BI Business Review

Three strategies to make difficult decisions easier

The ability to expand our mental horizons by abstracting away from the “here and now” is a uniquely human ability. It is what helped humans evolve. Research has also shown that people who regularly adopt a broad and distant perspective on negative events experience less stress.

- Lewend Mayiwar

BI Business Review

Ethical Dilemmas of Social Media – and How to Navigate Them

The unique thing about social media is that it is not necessary to go through an external editor to publish anything. Subsequently, you have the editorial responsibility and must reflect over the ethical aspects of the publication and not just the legal aspect.

- Øyvind Kvalnes

BI Business Review

Leaders as Role Models

Human beings are social animals who define our identities through relationships with each other. Our need for belonging makes us keen to assimilate into the groups we are part of.

- Benny Geys


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