Building a Global Strategy

Randi Lunnan

Listen to podcast – How does a global maritime giant move towards the same goal across its many lines of business?

Global companies face many challenges that can hold them down if they do not adapt. How has the Wilhelmsen group adapted their operations for over 160 years and how has it enabled them to become one of the largest companies in the maritime industry?

In this episode of Stay Ahead you will hear about the Wilhelmsen group’s strategies to align its broad portfolio towards a shared goal within the green transition while adapting its practices across geographies and lines of business.

The trade-off between resources and international reach

Being a Norwegian company, the Wilhelmsen group has relied on strategic partnerships and alliances to leverage on the resources of other companies to further expand its international reach. Why has its leadership implemented this strategy?

While Thomas Wilhelmsen shares his personal view on ownership models Professor Lunnan points out that an important trade-off of ownership “is the loss of high-powered incentives from the acquired company when it comes to value creation and knowledge sharing”.

Knowledge sharing in a global company

With so many different business lines and geographies, the Wilhelmsen group must provide a platform for knowledge sharing for its employees. Is it a central hub of information or a distributed network?

Thomas Wilhelmsen explains how Wilh Wilhelmsen shares knowledge within the company through several knowledge hubs. International accessibility and interaction are a priority for how they make the most of global collaboration.

Listen to the episode and you will also learn more about:

  • How to promote shared values that glues the whole organization together?
  • What are the challenges of global companies?
  • What is Wilh Wilhelmsen’s approach to the Green Transition and Professor Lunnan’s perspective on its compliance?


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Published 10. March 2022

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