Summer reading tips from BI

We have collected five articles for quiet summer days

Today’s business environment is characterized by extremely fast-paced changes when it comes to technology and customer needs. It requires organizations not just to redesign their operations and strategic direction but also their thinking. 

- Espen Andersen

Nowadays surveillance technology is not secretly planted in our homes, it is a visible part of our everyday lives. In fact, many people willingly pay for the surveillance device and bring it into their homes themselves.

- Christoph Lutz and Gemma Newlands

As soon as we enter a situation in which we put on our proverbial ‘customer hat’, our interpersonal behavior seems to change. We become less polite, less emphatic, and we tend to look at our interaction partners as mere ‘means to an end’ rather than as individuals with their own rights and sensitivities.

- Luk Warlop, Huy Tran and Marit Engeset

For Marvel, heroes are great for business. For the rest of us, they are bad for innovation and bad for our health. They impress us with charisma and confidence, then disappoint by failing to deliver on their promises.

- Miha Skerlavaj

Published 6. July 2022

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