Summer reading tips from BI

We have collected five articles for quiet summer days

Do seasonal changes affect our eating experiences? More than you think, according to a new study.

- Huy Tran, Nina Veflen, Felipe Reinoso Carvalho, Farhana Tabassum, Carlos Velasco

Seduction can be an effective ingredient to success in business. How to design workplaces that are attractive and appealing to employees?

- Federica De Molli

Apple continuously tempts consumers to pick the unsustainable choice.

- Anita Engelstad Thorsen, Ellen Vik, Hannah Sofie Kjellevold, Isabelle Steine Bendriss, Pernille Sæther-Larsen

Historically, the office was both a heterosexual straitjacket and a space where queer women could support themselves and become independent.

- Christine Myrvang

Published 30. June 2023

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