Summer reading from BI

We have collected five articles for quiet summer days

Ethical Dilemmas of Social Media – and How to Navigate Them

Social media provide opportunities for organizations and employees to publish their opinions, without an editor. But tempo, trolling, and tricky role confusions leave social media officers with digital dilemmas. How should they deal with them?

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How Flappers Rebelled Through Feminism And Consumerism

It’s spring time, and teenagers are graduating from secondary school. It’s the time to get annoyed over the helpless youth, a well-known practice through history. The 1920s, especially, was the provocative girls’ era.

Does H&M genuinely contribute to a sustainable future?

Despite efforts to become “greener”, the fast-fashion pioneer does not genuinely contribute to a sustainable future. The problem lies within its core operating business model.

Open plan offices are bad for business

To maximize attendance at work, open plan offices are not the way to go.

Coca-Cola still fills the ocean with plastic

Coca-Cola is claiming to address the plastic crisis with circular solutions, but are they really sustainable?

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Published 28. June 2024

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