Centres, groups and other initiatives

Centre for Green Growth

The Center for Green Growth works on climate issues in a holisitic, multidisiplinary and long term perspective. The focus is on what can be done to reduce climate gas emissions at the global, national, corporate and individual level.


Executive Master of Management programme – Green Growth as Competitive Advantage

Centre for Green Growth (primarily Per Espen Stoknes) has had a responsibility for developing and teaching in Master of Management programmes each year since 1999. Previous program was called "Scenarios and foresight". For more information about the programme Green Growth as Competitive Advantage, please see our Norwegian pages.

Other teaching on master degree level at the BI

Centre for Green Growth has been, and still is, actively contributing to the BI's teaching on master degree levels (EMBA and EMM) in such thematic areas as Corporate Social Responsibility, Climate Challenges, Renewable Energy, Applied Business Ethics.