Centres, groups and other initiatives

Centre for Multisensory Marketing (CMM)

Multisensory processes at the centre of consumer behaviour research.

Professor Pia Knoeferle, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany

Professor Tormod Næs, Nofima, Norway

Professor Marianna Obrist, University of Sussex, UK

Assistant professor Olivia Petit

Assistant Professor Olivia Petit, Kedge Business School, France

Assistant Professor Felipe Reinoso Carvalho, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia

Dr. Guro Rognså, Nofima, Norway

Associate Professor Alejandro Salgado, Universidad de La Sabana, Colombia

Professor Charles Spence, University of Oxford, UK

Dr. Paula Varela Tomasco, Nofima, Norway

Dr Andy Woods

Dr. Andy Woods, Flying Fish Research, UK