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The Nordic Alliance for Communication & Management

Leveraging communication as a strategic driver of sustainable organizational performance and success in a changing world.

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The Nordic Alliance for Communication and Management (#NORA) aims to leverage communication as a strategic driver of organizational performance and success in a changing world. Members strive for leveraging communication excellence through a close exchange on best practices paired with high-level scientific reflection from latest research.

Leading communication executives from renowned companies meet regularly with communication and management researchers from Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark. We strive to jointly identify emerging trends and topics, develop new research-based knowledge, and shape the debate in the Nordic countries. Our meetings provide an inspiring and personal atmosphere to exchange ideas between academia and management practice on an equal footing. Virtual workshops and information bulletins help to share insights and experience.

#NORA, as the key think tank in the Nordic region, collaborates with similar initiatives across Europe, and globally. This helps to bring our perspectives into the international discourse.

New corporate and academic members are suggested and voted in by existing members. 

  • Thursday, 12 May 2022 - BI

    Insights shared at #NORA Leadership Seminar on “Digitalization and Virtualization of Communications”

    Executives and researchers meet on 4 May 2022 at BI Norwegian Business School to explore the prospects and perils of digitalization in corporate communications

  • Thursday, 05 May 2022 - BI

    Visit from the Director of Nordforsk

    Arne Flåøyen discusses the development and growth of Nordic research collaborations

  • Tuesday, 29 March 2022 - #NORA

    Opportunity for Emerging Researchers #NORA Research Fellowship

    The Nordic Alliance for Communication & Management (#NORA) is now accepting applications for the #NORA Research Fellowship.

  • Wednesday, 08 September 2021 -

    The first pan-Nordic study of the communication field

    Get the current state and overview of the PR and communications field in the Nordic countries.

Associate Professor Alexander Buhmann, Director
E-mail: alexander.buhmann@bi.no