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Past webinars

24 November

Steps towards measurement maturity and the future of evaluating communications

27 October 2021

Communication opportunities in the post-pandemic business environment

8 September 2021

The Nordic Communications Report 2021

13 April 2021

Trust and public debate in the age of Social Media and fake news

2 February 2021

2021 Trends in Science Communication – and the role of the Covid-19 pandemic

19 November 2020

Crisis Management, Crisis Communication, COVID-19 and the Nordic countries

2 November 2020

Public Sector Communication and new forms of Influence.

18 September 2020

Trends in Communication Ethics and Communicators' Blindness to Ethical Issues

2 September 2020

Has Covid Helped Develop a Digital Internal Culture, or is it a Myth?

21 August 2020

Sustainable Development and CSR as Long-Term Strategic Issues for Communications

26 June 2020

2020 Trends in the Communication Profesion from a Nordic Perspective