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The Nordic Alliance for Communication & Management

Leveraging communication as a strategic driver of sustainable organizational performance and success in a changing world.

The Communication for Leaders magazine shows our latest work at the forefront of developments in the communication field. It presents valuable insights from research conducted in Norway and internationally, focusing on key questions such as: How does corporate communication help to create value for organizations in the public and private sector? What are the opportunities and challenges of new, digital, and social media? How do corporate communication practices work in and for society?

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Current Issue

Self-Tracking At Work - A Healthy Idea?

In this issue, we challenge the proposition that all leaders should be engaged in social media and we offer some advice on how technology should be integrated into communication planning.

2017 Summer Issue - PDF

9 commandments for excellent communication

From tips for good leader communication to stating that leadership is communication. We offer you a very different look at different types of leaders, one seen through the eyes of Greek mythology.

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2016 Winter Issue - PDF

Communication Creating value

Communication is a multi-faceted field. We look at the purpose of organizations, engaging stakeholders, the challenge of web-based newspapers and advertising, and an introspection on strategic communication consulting as a profession.

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2016 Summer Issue - PDF

Slik Evaluerer Du PR - En ABC

Learn more about how to evaluate the effects of communication in a meaningful way. We also include an explanation of the Barcelona Principles, which are fast becoming the golden standard for PR measurement.

2015 Winter Issue - PDF

Who Are You In Social Media?

Firms are often responsible for creating their own crises touches on crisis management/communication, and social media is not forgotten as we report on how communicators employ it as a tool for personal impression management.

2015 Summer Issue - PDF

How To Engage Social Media Audiences

In this issue we take up several different themes, all of which deal with some aspect of engagement. These include why Norwegians now eat potatoes, how PR helps a large hospital improve feedback, what words motivate, and considering communication due diligence when looking at partnerships.

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2014 Issue - PDF

Kraften i Historiefortelling

This is our first magazine. This issue brings the latest research and thinking within the field to those working with any type of communication.

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