Writing retreats

To support the ongoing research of early- and mid-career researchers, we aim to provide opportunities for emerging scholars to get dedicated and productive writing time to advance their research manuscripts. Early- and mid-career researchers shall get the opportunity to get together with scholars from the Nordics and other parts of Europe to advance research manuscripts, grow professional networks, and foster cross-national research conversations.

Hence we support structured writing retreats for emerging scholars as a professional development intervention that provides:

  • A deep and immersive work experience with writing.
  • Support and mentoring for developing and advanced authors.
  • Opportunities for meaningful peer engagement to build a community of practice and reflexivity.

Structured writing retreats facilitate productive writing time over several days to progress with writing projects. Writing projects can include exposés for dissertations, book chapters, journal articles, grant proposals, or reports.

During retreats, participants work based on a set workshop and writing schedule: dedicated writing time paired with scheduled discussions to help generate solutions to writing problems, develop drafts, lead to research-orientated conversations, and provide feedback on the writing in-progress.

Our academic writing retreat are organized in collaboration with the European Network of Emerging Scholars (EUNES) and the Northern Advanced Research Training Initiative (NARTI).

If you would like to be considered for participation in an upcoming academic writing retreat, please inquire about upcoming opportunities via email: nora@bi.no