9th Annual Search and Matching Conference

The European Search and Matching Network (SaM) Conference will take place May 8th -10th 2019, in Oslo, Norway.

The Search and Matching Network (SaM) is a European network of academic economists working on search and matching models, including models of labour market search, consumer search, money search and housing search. It organizes an Annual Conference, aimed at bringing together prominent researchers from Europe and elsewhere, while also including promising PhD students, to facilitate feedback and the exchange of ideas.

In 2019, this annual conference will take place at BI Norwegian Business School, in Oslo, Norway, from May 8th to 10th. 

Rachel Ngai (LSE) and Rasmus Lentz (UW-Madison) are keynote speakers.

Call for papers

We are looking forward to seeing you in Oslo!

Local Organization
Espen R. Moen, Tom-Reiel Heggedal