Department of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour

Department of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour has its core competence within organizational psychology, management of change, organization management and project management.

BI Norwegian Business School registers our scientific publications in the national database Cristin (Current Research Information System In Norway).

Below is a list of the most recent publications. Follow this link to Cristin to make an advanced search.



  • Karlsen, Jan Terje; Gjøby, Ingeborg & Rismyhr, Ingeborg (2023)
    A Study of Knowledge Transfer and Organizational Culture in Two Project-Intensive IT Organizations
    International Journal of Information Technology Project Management, 13(1). Doi: 10.4018/IJITPM.304060
  • Jevnaker, Birgit Helene & Olaisen, Johan Leif (2022)
    A comparative study of knowledge management research studies: making research more relevant and creative
    Knowledge Management Research & Practice, 20(2), p. 292-303. Doi: 10.1080/14778238.2021.2020695
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  • Espedal, Gry & Carlsen, Arne (2022)
    Someone to love: Construction of the good and organizational value inquiry
    Organization Studies.
  • Klemsdal, Lars; Andreassen, Tone Alm & Breit, Eric Martin Alexander (2022)
    Resisting or facilitating change? How street-level managers’ situational work contributes to the implementation of public reforms
    Journal of public administration research and theory. Doi: 10.1093/jopart/muac004
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  • Biersteker, Erwin; van Marrewijk, Alfons & Koppenjan, Joop (2022)
    Identifying Subjective Perspectives on Managing Underground Risks at Schiphol Airport
    Project Management Journal, 53(2), p. 181-195. Doi: 10.1177/87569728221076092
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