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Pilot Program

From 2013 to 2016 72 pilot projects on the pedagogical use of digital tools were conducted at BI. The experiences from these projects can be found in a brochure and short reports from all the projects.

The purpose of the program

The purpose of the pilot program has been to get ideas from faculty staff at BI about new pedagogical models and new business models. Through the piloting of these ideas all involved have increased their competence regarding the educational use of technology. At the same time this has provided BI as an organization with valuable insights, which will be important for making strategic choices towards 2020.


Implementation of results

The insights from the pilot program has led to a systematic implementation of Blended Learning in the Executive Bachelor courses. In some campus courses at the bachelor level there is an implementation of flipped classroom.

Reporting and inspiration

The insights from BI2020 and the pilot programme are a means to improve student learning and teaching at BI. Read more about the projects from each year (mostly in Norwegian), or check out some highlights from the brochure available here.


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