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Campus Bergen

Our campus in Bergen is the biggest outside of Oslo. The campus is new and modern, located in an active and engaging student environment.

Hosting a bustling and dynamic student population of 3000, Campus Bergen is our largest campus outside of Oslo. We have partnerships with the largest industries on this side of Norway: seafood, maritime and media. These partnerships will be incorporated and utilised in the MSc in Business programme at Campus Bergen.

The campus is situated close to the city center of Bergen, on the Norwegian west coast. Bergen has one of the largest student populations in the country – 30,000 students in total – and offers beautiful nature, and a lively art scene. Bergen is often referred to as “The gateway to the fjords of Norway.”

Campus Bergen is located at Marineholmen, in the heart of the research and education environment. Our closest neighbours are dnb, Media Bergen, VilVite and Høyteknologisenteret. The campus has big, open and bright areas.

  • Lecture Rooms

    We have many modern auditoriums and class rooms. The biggest auditorium can take 700 students! All lecture rooms are equipped with the latest technology for educational purposes.

  • Group Rooms

    At Campus Bergen, we have several group rooms equipped with Smartboards.

  • Study Areas

    Our reading area is divided in two - one silent part where you can study by yourself, and one open area where you can talk and study in groups.

  • Cafeteria

    The cafeteria at Campus Bergen (SiB Kafé) can offer breakfast, lunch or dinner for student friendly prices in the 1st floor.


    Number of Students

    47.5 / 52.5

    Female/Male Percentage


    Average Age