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Campus Bergen

Our campus in Bergen is the biggest outside of Oslo. The campus is new and modern, located in an active and engaging student environment.

+47 55 54 67 60

Mailing Address:
BI Norwegian Business School
Postboks 6233
N-5893 Bergen


Visiting Address:
BI Norwegian Business School
Kong Christian Frederiks plass 5
N-5006 Bergen

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Opening hours

These are the ordinary opening hours. At times (eg. Exam periods, holidays etc.), the opening hours will differ from the ordinary opening hours. Students can read more about this in the student portal.

  Building Service Center Library
Monday 07:30-00:00 07:45-19:00 09:00-15:00
Tuesday 07:30-00:00 07:45-19:00 09:00-18:00
Wednesday 07:30-00:00 07:45-19:00 09:00-15:00
Thursday 07:30-00:00 07:45-19:00 09:00-15:00
Friday 07:30-00:00 07:45-16:00 09:00-15:00
Saturday-Sunday 07:30-00:00 Closed Closed