2018 Job Market Survey

BI graduates quickly land jobs

The annual job market survey shows a promising outlook for recent BI graduates.

2018 Job Market Survey

Each year BI graduates are invited to complete the Job Market Survey upon finishing their education. The survey covers their progression into the job market and asks how they perceive their education at BI. 

The responses from our international graduates show that a degree from BI can make you an attractive candidate in the job market both in Norway and abroad:


    of international students received a job offer even before they graduated

    8 out of 10

    international master’s graduates were employed within 6 months of graduation


    of international graduates are satisfied with the job they secured

A recognised degree

The accreditations BI has earned are proof of our rigorous standards. Less than 1 % of business schools worldwide have achieved triple accreditation, so BI is in exclusive company. Your degree will be recognised and valued all over the world, thus increasing your employability. More than 300,000 people have an education from BI.

Triple Crown Accreditation

Our rankings are further evidence of the quality of education you will receive. The latest Financial Times rankings place BI among the top business schools in Europe and as the number one business school in Norway. Read more.

"I grew professionally and personally during my time at BI. I had wonderful fellow students with whom I collaborated on group assignments, and we had a great time doing them. "

Laura Kuitunen, MSc in Business 2016

Analyst at the European Central Bank

An international education

With a student population currently representing 93 different nationalities, you will benefit from a diverse and multicultural environment. BI offers a full range of programmes entirely in English, starting at the Bachelor level all the way through to PhD. International students are guaranteed housing and BI supports the most qualified students with several generous scholarship opportunities.

    6 out of 10

    international graduates chose to work in Norway


    of our international graduates describe their job as international

"The group experience and practical opportunities that I had with the Norwegian business community through my studies at BI have helped prepare me for working as a consultant in Oslo. It was also great that BI's career services provided opportunities to secure a job offer well in advance of graduation. "

Christopher Minora, MSc in Business 2017

Associate at the Boston Consultant Group (BCG), Norway


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