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Campus Bergen

Our campus in Bergen is located in new and modern premises. Here you will meet committed lecturers and an engaging student community.

10 reasons why you should choose to get your master's degree at Campus Bergen!

  1. Campus Bergen has a new and modern campus with a bustling and dynamic student environment.
  2. At campus Bergen we are just big enough to get a wide network, but small enough to make a difference. Never far away - your next study buddy, faculty, and the administration are all here to help you.
  3. Campus Bergen is situated at Marineholmen Innovation District, with an ecosystem for innovation right outside our door. Be at the center of business opportunities.
  4. Campus Bergen has many established corporations with clusters and businesses in our area. Among these are NCE Media, NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster and NCE Finance Innovation.
  5. We offer many scholarships that applicants beginning their degree in the Master of Science programme at Campus Bergen are eligible to apply for.  
  6. At Campus Bergen the majority of MSc students chose to have internships. Our close corporation with the business clusters offers many possibilities for exciting internships, and we have many businesses that are interested in offering Internships to master students at campus Bergen.

    "There are rich opportunities for internships and skilled students will often get jobs afterwards."
      Atle Sivertsen - CEO Finance Innovation
  7. At Campus Bergen we have a diverse and experienced faculty across many disciplines. They actively engage with students, and many of them are regular commentators in the media. 
  8. Many job opportunities: The first graduates from campus Bergen were all offered jobs before they graduated in 2021. Read more about the first graduates here.

    “Many of our businesses are world leaders in what they do. We need employees who can work with leadership and change"  Anne Jacobsen – CEO NCE Media
  9. A lot of cutting edge technology is created at Vestlandet and in the Media Cluster. Watch the video 
  10. We even have our own beach right outside campus! 


Campus Bergen