Study at BI

Campus Trondheim

Our campus in Trondheim is centrally located in new and modern premises right by the sea. At campus Trondheim you will meet committed lecturers and an engaging student community.

Our newly opened campus in Trondheim is located on Brattøra with a panoramic view over the fjord. The campus is located just a few minutes walk from the Central Station near restaurants, culture and local businesses.

As a student, you will be motivated to use the entire building to study, meet fellow students and contribute to a campus filled with life. We have close collaboration with local businesses to ensure the students have the opportunity to build a social network during the studies.

At BI - campus Trondheim, we only offer courses in Norwegian.

  • Lecture rooms

    We have 4 auditoriums with capacity of 150-300 persons and 7 class rooms with capacity of 25-80 persons.

  • Reading areas

    Campus Trondheim has two reading areas. One of them is open twentyfour-seven, as long as there are lectures scheduled and/or exams are coming up.

  • Group rooms

    In addition to the silent reading areas, we also offer more than 40 group rooms with capacity of 4-6 persons.

  • Cafeteria

    ​Campus Trondheim has its own cafeteria, offering food and drinks for student friendly prices.

BI in figures

  • 1892
    Number of Students
  • 53.8 / 46.2
    Female/male Percentage
  • 23.9
    Average Age