My journey to BI

A real story on making the right decision

The world is changing rapidly nowadays, and more and more data is coming. That`s why I believe skills in analysing data effectively are important.

Name: Yuliia Vulakh
Degree programme: MSc in Strategic Marketing Management
Home country: Ukraine

Digital technologies, social media and mobile payments are becoming more and more popular. MSc in Strategic Marketing Management is designed to prepare us for the future, especially as a working force.


Why did I choose Strategic Marketing?

I actually didn't expect to choose the Strategic Marketing program, as I have studied Economics earlier. Nevertheless, after reading the descriptions of all the programmes, especially the part about career possibilities, I chose Strategic Marketing Management. And I don't regret it.

During studying at BI. I had the chance to learn about consumer behaviour, marketing analytics. Also, branding, service marketing, and marketing finance and strategy. The skills I gained will be beneficial in the fast-developing world. Moreover, the program provided me with the academic and professional competence. This is what I need for managerial positions in marketing, both in Norway and abroad.

Especially for me, the opportunity of Internship has been the most valuable one. Firstly, BI has an agreement with lots of Norwegian companies. This enhances your chances to find an Internship in cooperation with BI. Secondly, it is a good chance to implement all knowledge in practice and receive some practical insights. Thirdly, the Internship could give you a chance to continue working in this company if you do a good job.

Was it the right choice?

Finally, the first semester at BI has been a very nice experience. All the lecture content, different projects, new knowledge and guest lectures. But also a lot of resources that BI has provided for us. The international business environment gives me the possibility to communicate with people from different cultures. Including different points of view, ideas, and opinions.

It now seems like the hard work has paid off. Whilst studying at BI, I found a job in the field of Strategic Marketing. I now know that I made the right decision.

Is it the right choice for you? Check my list with expectations and opportunities.


What to expect:

  • Get ready to read a lot.
  • Don't forget that it is a Master of Science, so lots of articles and scientific work is waiting for you.
  • Get ready to speak. Yes, participation counts as a part of the learning process in some of the subjects.
  • Get ready to use a lot of tools for analysing data. Your maths and analytical skills can help you.
  • Get ready to write a lot. Cases, assignments, term papers and of course a Master Thesis await you.
  • And finally, get ready for deadlines.
    But don't worry, you will learn how to do everything, and you will never regret your choice.


The opportunities:

  • Double degree
  • Internship
  • Exchange
  • Interesting and powerful lectures with the best Norwegian and International speakers
  • Motivational and inspirational life stories
  • Qualified professors and staff
  • New experiences, possibilities, society, culture and people.