Life in Norway

A trip to remember.

Hi all! My name is Kameneva Anna and I am from Russia. I took my bachelor’s degree in my home country at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow. I specialized in economics and finance. Now I am a master’s student in the Business Analytics programme.

Full name: Kameneva Anna 
Age: 22  
Citizenship: Russian 
Program at BI: MSc in Business Analytics  

The decision to move to Norway was not easy. It was quite spontaneous and unexpected, considering the current situation in the world. Last year has been very tough for people all over the world. It was especially important to fill it with positive moments whenever possible. I understand how lucky I was that when the situation stabilized in Norway. I got a chance to explore the country. My favourite memory is related to a trip a few of my friends and I did in early autumn.  
When thinking of where to go, we decided that we should start exploring Norway’s best places. Yes, we had a go big or go home attitude. After a few minutes of googling. We realized that one of the places that always appears as a top 3 destination is the Geirangerfjorden. So it was settled.

The flight to Ålesund, the 9th largest city in Norway. Which is located quite close to our destination, felt like going to a different planet. With an early morning light it looked like all the islands surrounding the city were floating in the sky. At the beginning of our trip we decided not to stay in a city and went straight to Geiranger fjord. We hopped on a bus for another few picturesque hours on the roads between mountains and water. With the final part of the journey being a boat ride going through the fjord to the small village. It felt very special that we were able to travel and explore such incredible places. Once we arrived at the village, which would normally be filled with tourists from all over the world. We felt like we were the only people at this magnificent place. The emotions were mixed. I was intimidated and excited at the same time. Thinking how quiet and peaceful such a well-known place can be. Also, whether there ever will be another moment like this in my life.  
We stayed in a tiny traditional hytte. It had a view worth millions and waking up every morning felt surreal. Realising that some people wake up to such views every single day (the population of Geiranger village is around 200 people). The few days were filled with activities. Exploring the hidden farms, going on hikes, meeting local dogs and even llamas. Also, spending cosy evenings cooking dinner together in our small mountain house.

On our boat trip back from the village we didn’t meet anyone. Except a small group of happy elderly Norwegian people. They were also going back from their quick weekend getaway in the mountains. A friendly ticket seller. Who remembered us from a few days ago, was curious to know how our trip went. It was difficult to imagine that not so long ago, multiple boats were packed with excited tourists. Going back and forth every hour. All the hotels were booked and people would queue to take photos on a queen’s throne above the fjord. It was a special trip that made me completely fall in love with Norway. Its nature, people and atmosphere of belonging.