My journey to BI

From BBA to MSC

Marko Radman is a MSc in Finance student at BI Norwegian Business School. Prior to enrolling into BI's MSc in Finance programme. He completed the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programme with a specialization in Finance, also at BI.

Written by: Marko Radman

Four years ago, in August 2016. I made what was perhaps the biggest decision in my life. I moved to Norway and started the BBA programme. Fast forward three years. I was in love with the school, the culture, and my life in Norway. BI had exceeded all my expectations and delivered on its promises. I graduated with the 'Best Student' distinction and was facing a real dilemma. Where to next for my master studies?


An obvious contender was BI. Along with other universities around the world. BI’s MSc in Finance programme has a strong academic reputation. A triple-crown accreditation, one of the most reputable finance departments in Europe. And unique on-campus resources. But, so did the other contenders. Apart for my personal preferences. I knew that BI was going to deliver exactly as promised and more. The decision became clearer by the day. Moreover, I was interested in doing a double degree. BI happens to have the academic connections with one of the other universities I was considering. Indeed, what BI offered. Specifically the MSc in Finance programme. That was a perfectly tailored degree to pursue a career in finance. The same goes for students interested in doing an exchange, internship, or taking part in the CFA Research Challenge. Or tailoring their degree with electives. Finally, on a less academic note. One must not leave out the social life in Norway. Everyone likes to party. You will get plenty of opportunities to connect with like-minded people from all over the world. Also, from the industry.


If I had to describe the MSc in Finance programme with one word. It would be: fun. While my life as a master student is fun and rewarding. It can also get frustrating at times. This is because this MSc is designed to motivate the learning process through a high and challenging workload. However, since most of the assignments and homework are group projects. Where you get to combine your knowledge with that of your teammates and learn from each other. It makes it easier to juggle the many assignments simultaneously. Having studied at BI before. My transition from the bachelor to the master program was very smooth. At BI, master students get their very own corner in the library, “The Master Area”. Which is where we spend most of our time after and/or before our lectures. I am writing this post in the time of COVID-19. While I miss our library. The group work and BI’s effort ensures that we stay up to date with all our course material.

Man holding a presentation Would I recommend BI for a MSc in Finance programme? 100%. If you are willing to put in the work. BI and Norway will throw plenty of opportunities at you and make your experience incomparable. With that in mind. I can say that choosing BI for my masters was definitely the right decision.