My journey to BI

From Germany to Norway – 4 reasons to study in Norway

In the end, my scoresheet showed 44 points for the Copenhagen Business School and 42 points for the BI Norwegian Business School. If I had strictly followed that list, I would now sit in Copenhagen. But as soon as my friend and I summed up the points, my gut feeling said NO! – you want to move to Norway. Back then I could not exactly describe why, now I can.

Full name: Marla Sickenberger
Citizenship: German 
Programme at BI: MSc. Business – Major in Logistics, Operation and Supply Chain Management 

The right course combination 

I studied Business Administration at the University of Mannheim. After taking a year of doing several internships I realized that I wanted to study a master’s programme. That has both general management courses and a highly specialized logistics component. Finding universities combining both reduced the initial selection quickly. Two factors speaking in favor for BI and maybe only BI were. (1) the freedom students have in our 3rd semester. Choosing between courses, an internship, a semester abroad or a double degree. (2) the small size of the logistics programme which guarantees a personal contact to faculty members. 

Friendly learning environment 

The pictures do not lie! The BI campus in Oslo offers all you need. From the gym to various coffee options to group rooms and places to just hang around and relax. Being here for half a year I realized how valuable an open. A friendly learning environment is and the fact that the campus is (almost) always open. Especially during a global pandemic. 


The outdoors and an active lifestyle

No matter if it is minus 15 degrees, or pitch-black outside. You will always find someone to go for a run or cross-country skiing during winter. Even better, BI has its own running team (BBL). Every year for more than 50 years BI competes against the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). In a race from Oslo to Bergen. Hopefully this year I can contribute my part to win the race. But BBL represents only one association at BI. All the associations and events. Besides the regular study programmes, are something that makes BI unique. Also, a place for everyone to explore their interests.  

Norway stands out 

Going north is not the usual choice. But that is exactly the point that makes Norway and BI such an interesting and fascinating choice. I did not know much about Norway. I had not even been here before deciding to move here. One thing I can say now is that I was welcomed with open arms.