My journey to BI

From Singapore to Norway

Coming from the tiny island city-state of Singapore, I was deeply fascinated by Norway. The mountains, fjords, coasts, and forests, as well as the deep connection that Norwegians have with nature. I decided that I wanted to experience this for myself! Here are some of my best experiences with Norwegian nature.

Full name: Jue Ying Choo 
Age: 25 
Citizenship: Singapore Citizen 
Programme at BI: MSc in Leadership and Organisational Psychology 


Friluftsliv, translated as open-air living by a Norwegian friend of mine. It is a concept that is central to Norwegian life, celebrating the time spent in the great outdoors. Outdoor activities and communion with nature is deeply ingrained in the Norwegian lifestyle. 

It’s no wonder since Norway is blessed with such beautiful landscapes and opportunities for many outdoor activities. 

There are many wonderful crags for bouldering and rock climbing scattered across the country. As well as some surf breaks along the coast.

In the winter, the snow brings opportunities for both cross-country and alpine skiing. No matter the season, there is always something to do! 


In Norway, everyone can move freely and camp in nature. One can pitch a tent or cosy up in a hammock and spend the night out in nature. 


Cabin life is yet another core element in Norwegian culture. Many weekends are spent in the cabin with friends and family, out of the city and close to nature.  
Den Norske Turistforeningen, or The Norwegian Trekking Association. Runs 550 cabins across the country, and marks and maintains a vast network of 22,000km foot trails. This makes communion with nature accessible to all, even me and you! 
I’ve recently stayed in Fuglemyrhytta, a cabin in Oslo, with two classmates from the master’s programme. 

"Svartvassbu " 
-Norway is truly a paradise for those who love being close to nature!