My journey to BI

From Taiwan to Norway

Read about Min Jin's journey to Norway in today's blog post.

Full name: Min Jin 

Name: Min Jin 

Age: 26 

Citizenship: Taiwan 

Programme at BI: Msc Business Analytics 

From Taiwan to Norway 

I chose an Msc in Business Analytics for several reasons. Firstly, I love modeling tasks. My goal is to become a business analyst in either a corporate or consulting firm. I think the programme structure aligns with my goal very well. The courses are very practical, offering many hands-on modeling experiences based on real business scenarios. I'm particularly interested in business optimization, python, visualization, and machine learning. The skills we learn from these subjects are very popular and useful in the real business world as well. Secondly, I think there is a great demand for business analytics expertise in different industries. Compared to finance or accounting. Business analytics is a relatively new and unsaturated business area that can provide great career opportunities in the future.  

BI helps you succeed 

My experience as a BBA student at BI also played an important role when choosing my master’s programme. BI offers many learning opportunities and allocates plenty of resources to each student. For instance, BI arranges individual, drop-in, and group tutoring sessions to adapt to different learning needs. There are also many student surveys each semester that are highly valued by lecturers. Who wish to provide the best learning experiences for students. If you are dedicated to learning you will enjoy your student life at BI. Additionally, there are many student societies and academic associations at BI that arrange speeches and workshops. They also have a large network in various industries, so students at BI can enjoy plenty of insightful. Also, interesting speeches from influential people in different business areas every week.  

Meeting friends through student societies 

I had great experiences being involved in student societies meeting many new friends. For example, I used to be the academic coordinator on the BBA student board. Where I learned a lot from arranging events with other board members and helping new BBA students. I had a lot of fun joining BBA parties and study trips to Copenhagen and Barcelona.  

Part-time job and career opportunities 

BI offers many career consulting services and students can find various career opportunities on the BI career portal. There are also flexible part-time positions at school which can easily fit into your schedule. I have benefited from the career resources at BI a lot. In addition to a part-time position at the BI admission office. I have found four jobs from the BI career portal since my first year at BI. If you are interested in building your résumé, BI has great career resources available to you.  


Overall, I enjoy studying at BI. It is enriching to work with smart classmates and have a steep learning curve every semester. I highly recommend studying at BI!