My journey to BI

From Vietnam to Norway: Why is BI my next stop after FTU?

My name is Chi Quynh Tran. I'm in my first year of the MSc in Business program with a major in Supply Chain and Operations Management. I graduated from Foreign Trade University (FTU) in Vietnam. The close connection between FTU and BI is where my aspiration for master’s study in BI originated.

Full name: Chi Quynh Tran
Home country: Vietnam
Previous university: Foreign Trade University (FTU) – Vietnam
Program at BI: MSc in Business – Major in Supply Chain and Operations Management


Academic program

My bachelor’s degree was in International Business Economics through which I have grasped in-depth knowledge about logistics and learned about primary concepts in supply chain management. FTU has sowed the dream of pursuing a lifelong career in the field of logistics and supply chain in me. However, after working for some time, it did not take long before I realized that my current knowledge would not suffice in the long term. Hence, I decided to go for a master study. BI’s MSc in Supply Chain and Operations Management came on top of my list. The program structure was impressive to me as students can engage in not only specialized courses in supply chain management and operations, but also such practical courses as Ethics and Sustainability in Organizations or Data Analytics. Also, BI allows choosing between elective courses, an exchange, or an internship in the third semester. This opens opportunities for students to learn from different perspectives. Looking back, I would say it is a right decision to make. I'm enjoying my academic journey here at BI.

Student life

BI and FTU bear a striking resemblance when it comes to student life. For FTU students, university is not always about studying only. We connect with other people through multiple activities on campus. We nurture our interests, and we treasure diversity in our student community. When choosing a master program, besides the quality of the program, I also took student life into consideration. I was concerned that there may be a culture shock and that my student life during master study would be less joyful. Luckily, BI demonstrates the same vibrant and social vibe. With open spaces on campus, it is convenient for students to work on group projects, to discuss about lectures or simply to have a chat with friends. Students can join BI Student Organization (BISO) and BI Athletics. There they can pursue their passions and connect with people of the same interests. One of my most favorite thing is BInner- the student dinner at BI. There students can get to know each other across cultural and language borders while having dinners. Student life at BI truly exceeds every expectation of mine.

FTU alumni community at BI

One of many reasons that brought me here is that BI has been a close partner with FTU. Also, BI has a good reputation among FTU students. I came to realize that many FTU graduates choose BI for their master study. Their stories of studying in BI has inspired me to give it a try in the first place. Besides, originally, I found moving to a foreign country quite overwhelming and terrifying. However, with a strong FTU alumni community here. I always have company and it always feels like home.

Birds are flying over Europe skies,

Tell me please why can’t I?

I remembered listening to this song called “Europe's Skies” during my master application process. Wondering if I ever make it. And now here I am after all. BI has made my dream come true. To those with ambitions and courage to chase their dreams. Grab your chance now and maybe I will see you here at BI very soon.