My journey to BI

From Vietnam to Norway

My name is Yen and I am currently a first-year master student in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at BI. One of the questions that I have been asked most is why I chose to leave my job. And then return to academia after 5 years of working. This was also the question I asked myself all the time when I started my application until I came here. No matter how many times I have asked myself, the answer has been the same. It’s because this is what I have wanted for so many years. Better later than ever. I did not want to regret this in the future.

Full name: Nguyen, Thi Nhu Yen 
Age: 27 
Citizenship: Viet Nam 
Programme at BI: MSc. in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

I have always been thinking about studying in Europe for its high quality of education and training. However, it was not just an option for me, instead, it was something I had to try hard for. There were many things in between and I tried putting the idea aside many times. The decision to go for it was actually made when I was on a trip to Ladakh, India. It turned out to be a precious chance for me to think about myself and my desire, long and hard. I realized that after so many years of trying to put the thought of studying abroad away. Also, trying to settle down. I still wanted it. That’s when I decided that I would do this.

Norway has always been on my favorite country list. I love nature and outdoor activities. BI has a high recognition about their quality in education. It is just a perfect match for me. However, deciding to come to Norway was not a no-brainer decision for me. At that time because I also had to consider other problems such as living expenses or differences in language. Most importantly, my current job and career path. Leaving all opportunities in Vietnam to start all over again was never an easy decision to make. Furthermore, the pandemic situation was still very complicated. Living far from home during this time was less attractive than usual.

However, considering all the knowledge and experience I’ve gathered so far, I know it’s worth it. Just after 8 months of studying and living in Norway. I’ve been exposed to many new ways of thinking. I have had the chance to develop interpersonal skills. I have opened my network, and got to know many other talented fellow students at BI. From whom I’ve learned many wonderful things and mindsets. BI has been a huge support for me with my studies and living in Norway. One of the things that I am impressed with most is the focus on sustainability. Which has become one of my targets for my future job.  

I have one more year to go with my journey here at BI and Norway. I’m more excited than ever to explore the country more. Also, learn more, experience more, and to make it worth more.