Life in Norway

My favorite experience in Norway

Discover why Norway captured my heart as I pursued my master's degree. Join me on a journey through stunning landscapes and the warmth of Norwegian culture.

Full name: Serik Tashanov
Home country: Kazakhstan
Bachelor’s degree: KIMEP University
Current study programme: MSc in Data Science for Business

Why Norway?

When friends ask me why I chose Norway as the country to pursue my master's degree and continue my life journey, the answer is simple - the country boasts some of the most stunning natural scenery and a friendly culture that resonated with me. And what made my experience even better was exploring it with my friends.

Road Trip with Friends 

My friends, who live and work in London, were feeling the exhaustion that comes with the corporate world's daily routine. So, I suggested a change of scenery and exploration of Norway's fabulous landscapes. They loved the idea, and we started planning our trip. We had to consider the cities we wanted to visit, transportation type, and accommodation.

Serik and his friends outside

After weighing our options, we decided on a car trip instead of taking a plane or a bus. Travelling by airplane would mean missing out on viewing the Norwegian nature, while travelling by bus could limit our freedom to stop when and where we wanted. A car trip seemed like the best choice, but we limited ourselves to three days, so we chose the cities closest to each other with the most scenic routes. Our final decision was to travel from Stavanger to Eidfjord and then to Bergen. We booked accommodation for one day each in Stavanger and Eidfjord.

Day 1

On the first day, I took a flight from Oslo to Stavanger while my friends took a flight from London. We met at our rented accommodation, had a meal, and played some board games. It was a great way to catch up and recharge for the next day's adventure.

Portait of Serik outside

Day 2

The second day was our fjord trip day, and we rented a car as planned. However, we discovered that the car did not have navigation, which was crucial for us as tourists. We decided to use google maps as an option, but we were not sure if we would have internet access throughout the entire journey. But we didn’t have time to change the rental car or we would miss the fjord trip we had already booked, so we decided to set off on the trip no matter what. 

We arrived just in time to catch the ferry. Some of us ran to ask the captain to wait for us while we searched for a parking place. Thanks to the captain's kindness, we made it to the ferry, and the trip was worth all the rush. 

Serik on a boat

After the trip, we enjoyed the local food and then continued our journey to Eidfjord. Along the way, we stopped several times to organize mini picnics in nature, and we arrived in Eidfjord in the evening. We booked a mini house near the fjord, and the night was filled with the smell of air from the fjord and the clear skies studded with millions of stars. 

Our conversations that night were about the beauty of life and how vast the world is.

Day 3

On the last day, we had a light breakfast, and the girls took some photos for Instagram near the fjord. Then, we drove towards Bergen and arrived near lunchtime. We decided to eat at a Thai restaurant before exploring the city. 

We decided to conquer one of the seven mountain peaks in Bergen, and thankfully we made it using a cable car. The view of the city from the peak is a memory I'll cherish forever. Unfortunately, like all good things, the trip had to come to an end. We went down from the peak and headed to the airport.

Group of people outside

The right decision

Even though our trip was short, we made unforgettable memories and took away indescribable impressions from our adventure in Norway. The experience reinforced my decision to choose Norway as my country for my studies and my lifetime journey.

Serik outside a house