My journey to BI

The Pathway Programme - All I Needed

I am Ian Cisneros, an international student from Mexico. Pursuing a bachelor's degree in Data Science for Business at BI Norwegian Business School. Before embarking on this great adventure called Norway, various doubts and even requirements prevented me from studying at BI.

Name: Ian Cisneros Villegas
Home country: Mexico
Programme: BSc in Data Science for Business

The first big challenge was due to completing my education in Mexico. I needed an extra year of high school education because the system in Norway requires it.  The second big challenge was that my bachelor's degree was going to be taken entirely in English. Even though I had English proficiency, I didn't feel completely confident. And the third big challenge is that I wanted to move to one of the best countries to live in. But, studying and living in a culture completely different from mine caused me great uncertainty.



The fact that I could not have direct access to BI. Due to missing a year of high school, coupled with uncertainties. Caused by being in a different environment made it difficult for me to study at BI.

Luckily, I discovered the Pathway Programme BI offers in collaboration with Jönköping University. When I read about the programme. I realized that it would help me to fulfil the requirements I was missing. I decided to check it out. Undoubtedly, studying the Pathway Programme was the best decision I have ever made. It is the reason why I find myself at BI fulfilling my dreams.


How the Pathway Programme has helped me

Apart from giving me the chance to have direct admission to BI after completing the programme. It gave me the necessary tools to complete my studies in Norway. It also helped me to prepare for the new educational system. Allowing me a smooth transition to the Scandinavian educational system which is different from the system I was used to. The programme helped providing me educational tools. It also gave me the key to entering Scandinavian culture and society. This has been very helpful in fitting into Scandinavian society. After the Pathway Programme, I felt ready to begin my educational and social adventure in Norway.

What experiences did I have during the programme?

Sincerely, the experience in the Pathway Programme was so multicultural. I learned incredible things from people coming from all over the world and from different backgrounds. The most remarkable experiences are shared with the friends I made in the programme.  Who continued their path to BI as well. But if I had to choose one remarkable experience. It would be the first time I saw snow in real life, and I could touch it. Without a doubt a unique feeling in life.

Would I recommend the Pathway Programme?

If you find yourself in the situation that I found myself in at the beginning. Where I was looking to adapt to Scandinavia, have better English proficiency, and have direct access to BI. Or simply you want to experience the great adventure of living in 2 leading countries? Without thinking about it twice I tell you that the Pathway Programme is definitely for you.