My journey to BI

Why I chose the MSc in Leadership and Organizational Psychology

My name is Catriona I am twenty-three years old. I'm a first-year master student in BI’s Leadership and Organizational Psychology program. After completing my bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I was not quite sure what my next step would be. I always had an interest in the field of business and organizational psychology. The options to pursue this direction were very limited in my home country. I knew that I would need to explore other options and stumbled across BI. I was instantly hooked by BI’s modern, flexible, and personal approach to higher education. It felt like this could be the right path for me.

Full name: Catriona Stohlmann
Home country: Austria
Bachelor's degree: Psychology
Previous University: Sigmund Freud University Vienna
Current study program: MSc. Leadership & Organizational Psychology

After having decided that I want to pursue a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology. BI quickly moved to the top of my list. The diverse course offerings and focus on research. Also, countless opportunities to get involved with the student life were some of my motivations to apply to BI. The program seemed to offer everything I wanted. Being the perfect combination of rigorous academic challenge and social space to meet new friends. At the same time, I also had some doubts about this program. Mainly if I would be able to meet the high standards. While at the same time making the most of my time in Norway. I have always believed that it is important to challenge yourself. This includes sometimes doing things that might scare you at first. After a few months in Norway. I can say that I am so happy I did.


Another reason I chose this program was the personal communication I received from BI from the beginning. As an international student. I knew little to nothing about life, study, or work in Norway. I had no contacts I could reach out to and ask for help. For me, it was so important to know that all of my questions would be answered. Also, that other international students shared their unfiltered experience in coming to Norway. I felt like the good and the more challenging aspects were openly discussed. It made me feel more prepared to move once I had made the decision. Authentic sharing of experiences is really important to me. It made me more confident that BI is the right choice for me. Something that really stuck out to me was that international students are so supported. Also, that the community of international students is a visible presence on campus.


Besides everything that BI as a university has to offer. I have always been interested in Norway as a country. It would not be the whole truth to say that I picked this program for the great institution. But also for the country, the culture, the language, and the lifestyle. For me. Studying is not only about learning academically. It is also learning in general about what I want in life. Where I want to live. What kind of environments I excel in. This program gives me the opportunity to find out what I want to do professionally. Where I want to do it, with whom I like to work, and how I work best. Studying at BI is much more than ‘just’ an education. It is a way for me to find out what truly fulfils me in an academic, professional, and personal sense.

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