Why choose BI?

High-quality student services

Excel as a student by taking advantage of the professional services BI offers.

To succeed as a student, we know from experience that a good framework is important. We offer a professional support system for all phases and needs you have as a student.

Before starting at BI

Whether you are choosing studies for the first time in your life or if you have decided to strengthen or change your career along the way, we offer individual guidance so that you can find out if BI is for you. We know it is a big decision to make and that it can be difficult to choose. Therefore, you may want to invest some time in getting to know the school, the study offers and the opportunities you have here.

As a student

Life as a student is an exciting journey. But who you are as a person and your individual goals and ambitions, will affect the services that you choose to use. If you choose to do a bachelor’s or a master ‘s at BI, you will have several options during your studies so that you can build competence, network, and skills along the way. And in addition to having a variety of offers that can strengthen your academical skills, we know that many want to know what they should be doing to land their dream job, and we therefore have a large support system that can guide students in building their careers. As a student, you become part of an everyday study life that requires a lot of you, body and soul. Therefore, it is important that you take care of yourself so that you can achieve what you started on. As a student, you have access to several health services such as doctor, dentist, psychologist, and training facilities.

After graduating

Become part of our alumni network and be invited to exciting events. We should never stop being curious or learning new things. As human beings, we are constantly evolving. Our own needs will change, life situations will change, and society will change. That is why we often arrange exciting professional seminars, digital and physical, so that you, even after finishing your studies, can keep up with what is happening in the world.

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Other reasons to choose BI

Campus Oslo
Campus Oslo

Both our campuses in Oslo and Bergen have top-notch facilities and are located in popular city areas.

Group of students at Campus Oslo
Group of students at Campus Oslo

Being an international business school is visible across the organisation. For example, as much as 30% of our faculty are international!