Why choose BI?

International profile

Get to know students from all over the world and strengthen your opportunities with an international academic environment.

Being an international business school is visible across the organization. For example, as much as 30% of our faculty are international! We surround ourselves with the best people from all over the world. Norway's business, politics, innovation and other important areas of society are not isolated from the rest of the world. We want to offer an education that looks beyond national borders and that can create good cooperation and synergies. To be relevant internationally, it is essential that we are international. This also applies to you as a student. By taking your degree BI, you get the international profile you need to be able to succeed in large international companies.

International students

It is important for us to attract and surround us with international students. It is positive for BIs learning environment, the network, and the relevance of what we do. They raise the quality of our teaching by helping us to approach and see things from a different perspective. Be a part of our international student body and get to know people from other countries and cultures and expand your network and enhance your student experience.

We are lucky to have over 1700 international active students

Our student body represents over 100 nationalities.

International network 

BI collaborates with over a hundred schools around the world and we have close ties to the international business world. A report from the Research Council of Norway also shows that we are among Norway's strongest when it comes to international research collaboration and scientific publications. A subject-adjusted collaboration index shows that we have the highest index value (123) among the institutions / institutes in Norway. BI works on several levels to be an international business school, and that work creates opportunities for you as a student. By studying at BI, you strengthen your international profile as a future employee. 


Why companies internationalize

Most companies never expand outside their home markets. What drives the ones that do?

BI students attractive in global job market

Master of Science students from BI Norwegian Business School in Business Analytics, Business, Marketing and Finance are in high demand among international employers, according to QS Business Masters Rankings 2022.

BI team crowned global champions

A team of four students from BI’s Master of Science in Finance programme secured the title of Global Champions in the 15th Annual CFA Institute Research Challenge.

Student life in Norway

Other reasons to choose BI

Female student at Campus Oslo
Female student at Campus Oslo

To succeed as a student, we know from experience that a good framework is important.

BI and Financial Times logos
BI and Financial Times logos

Choosing an international business school that is recognised and highly ranked impacts not only the quality of your education, but is also an important factor for your future employers.