Annual Report 2016

Board of Trustees Report

BI in 2016

BI aims to build the knowledge economy. Through 2016, top research and teaching has provided thousands of graduates the opportunities for attractive careers in business and public sector. It is about building brick by brick, and never settling for just "good enough".

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Studies and students

A critical factor for BI's success is the ability to deliver courses and programmes with high relevance and quality to large groups of students where delivery models are in line with the students' high expectations.

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Research and academic activity

BI's goal is to have at least four academic disciplines among the top five in Europe. Targeted work with recruitment and publishing in highly rated journals were two important focus areas in 2016.

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Business and society

BI's objective is to be the preferred knowledge partner for business and public sectors by contributing to innovation, value creation and competitiveness at home and abroad.

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Organization and employees

At the end of 2016 BI had a total of 834 employees. The total figures broke down to 432 administrative employees and 402 academic staff.

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Annual result

The Foundation BI Norwegian Business School achieved good financial results in 2016 with a profit of 86.5 million. BI's total turnover was 1.514 million in 2016 against 1.451 in 2015.

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Board of Trustees 2016

BI Norwegian Business School is led by a Board of Trustees consisting of eight members, four of whom are external.

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Future prospects

BI needs to be prepared to meet increased competition now more than ever. Uncertain times in business, and aggressive international business schools give us no reason to rest. We are talking specifically about student recruitment and our ability to attract attractive professional employees.

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