Board of Trustees Report

Future Prospects

BI needs to be prepared to meet increased competition now more than ever. Uncertain times in business, and aggressive international business schools give us no reason to rest. We are talking specifically about student recruitment and our ability to attract attractive professional employees.

Traditional teaching is challenged by digital technology. This entails possibilities that must be mastered in a good way for the benefit of our students. BI’s digital ambitions will continue to draw on a significant portion of BI’s resources in 2017. In the coming year, many of our digital projects enter the implementation phase, with DigiEx (digital examination), as a prime example.

The government's new model for financing higher education is under implementation. This affects the competitive situation, and we already see that externally funded research will become more important in the coming years. In addition, we have reason to believe that lifelong learning through continuing education will increase further.

The Board believes that BI must stay on its course to cultivate its position as a distinct business school. Only through tough priorities will we be able to strengthen our organizational and cross-functional quality. Targeted focus for continued progress in international rankings and accreditations must be an absolute priority, while we continue working on the good relationship with students, alumni, partners, industry and society in general must.

The Foundation BI Norwegian Business School’s main objective is to conduct excellent research and teaching. It is the Board's absolute focus to facilitate this. When we succeed, we also succeed in taking BI into the future.